What are the associated Annual Maintenance Fees and Transaction Fees?

The annual maintenance charge for the Property is $250.00 per lot and is due and payable to the Association on January 1 and past due after January 31 of each year.
The Association’s administrative transfer fee when ownership of the Property changes is $350.00 as of 2/3/2020. 

The fee for this Resale Certificate is an additional $300.00 as of 2/3/2020  

These fees are payable to the Property Owners’ Association of Sunrise Bay, P. O. Box 1267, Little Elm, Texas 75068-1267.

Every Resale Certificate fee must be paid prior to delivery of the Resale Certificate requested as of January 13, 2015. 

All fees, other amounts due on the lot, and theTransfer Fee is due from the title company upon closing.
19. Obtain an Update of Resale Certificate: Information in a Resale Certificate and its
attachments can change daily. Shortly before closing, the buyer should obtain a written
Update of Resale Certificate to learn of any changes in the status of the Property, this
Certificate, or its Attachments. A fee of $75.00 will be charged for this Resale
Certificate. An additional fee of $75.00 will be charged for each Update to the Resale